vegetable diet

Peace of mind and good health are the starting point of happiness that people have been seeking for a long time.

How to maintain a peaceful mind?
How do we maintain our health?
What is an environmentally friendly life?

The answer was vegetarianism.

1. Vegetarian food and its benefits

High quality protein: prevention of osteoporosis, alleviation of menopausal disorders.
Low cholesterol: prevents arteriosclerosis and obesity.
Dietary fiber: Helps to remove waste from the body and maintain good physical condition. It is also effective in preventing colon cancer and other lifestyle-related diseases.
Phytochemicals: Unique pigment components of plants that exert antioxidant effects when they enter the body. They are also effective in preventing aging.

In addition to the above, it has various other functions such as thinning of blood, prevention of high blood pressure, and enhancement of immunity.

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Vegetarian Food and the Mind

By adopting a nourishing vegetarian diet rich in blessings from the heavens, the mind can be healed, pacified and purified.
Energy and wisdom will overflow from within you, and you will gain the ability to concentrate and make decisions.
It is said that “food determines one’s destiny,” and what you eat and how you eat it can make a big difference in your life.

Vegetarian food and the environment

A vegetarian diet has a positive impact on the global environment.
Raising livestock requires large areas of land, large amounts of food, and large amounts of water. It requires many times more energy than the direct human consumption of grain, and it is an inefficient drain on the earth’s precious resources.
If more people switched to a vegetarian diet, the earth itself would be enriched and fewer people would starve.

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