About Miroku

Miroku is the Buddha who is known as the Savior in new era of the world.  Miroku is also known and worshiped familiarly as the Happy Buddha who brings prosperities in good luck, fortune and wellness.

Miroku has spent many lives relieving people and to prepare for upcoming Miroku’s World the new era.  His big belly, big smile, and relaxed posture symbolize his joyous heart that embraces the whole universe, accepting everything, as well as his non-attachment.

It is Miroku’s vow that Miroku to build a heaven on earth where is filled with joy and happiness with his deep loving-kindness.

Time has already become Miroku’s era and his benediction has started been shared through the world.

Tokyo Miroku-den

Miroku-den is open to the public and houses a wooden statue of Buddha Miroku.
This statue is made with 2000 pieces of wood, and it is the largest wooden statue of its kind in the world.

He sits on an octagonal platform that represents the 8 directions, which encompasses the whole world. He holds the earth in his hand to signify our wishes for the world to live in peace as one family.

Crossed legged Miroku Bodhisattva 【弥勒菩薩交脚像】

This statue depicts Miroku Bodhisattva teaching in Tushita Heaven.
It was made in the beginning of the 5th century A.D. and is located in the west wall of cave 275 of the Dunhuang cave temples in Tonko, China. It is more than 3 meters high. He is sitting on a platform with his ankles crossed.
This is a teaching posture. This statue is one of the oldest stone statues of Miroku-sama.

Seated Miroku 【弥勒菩薩半跏思惟像】

This depicts Miroku Bodhisattva deeply contemplating how to save people in the future.

This statue is known as the wooden seated Miroku in Koryuji Temple in Kyoto. In 1951 it was declared the first national treasure of Japan. It was made in the early 7th century, during the Asuka period. It is one of the most famous statues of Miroku Bodhisattva.

Miroku Nyorai 【弥勒如来像】

This statue depicts the Buddha Miroku who will achieve enlightenment under the dragon-flower tree in the future when it comes time for him to end his period of teaching in Tushita Heaven as a bodhisattva.

It is known as the “Sitting Miroku” of Jison-in Temple in Wakayama Prefecture. It was also declared a national treasure. It was made around the 9th century A.D. in the beginning of the Heian period and has been kept hidden from public view at Jison-in Temple for a long time. Jison-in Temple is where people go to pay their respects to Kobo Daishi’s mother. This statue is the main Buddha statue of Jison-in Temple.

Miroku Kobutsu 【弥勒古佛像】

This statue is modeled after the appearance of the monk Hotei in China, who was said to be the reincarnation of Miroku-sama, because Miroku-sama will be born as a living Buddha.

In China this statue is called “Laughing Buddha”. In the West he is better known as “Happy Buddha”. Miroku’s time has now arrived and his good news is spreading throughout the world. So this statue will also be seen throughout the world.